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One to One Online Tuition

Our bespoke Online One to One sessions are the perfect way to learn about a specific area of photography with the undivided attention of a Nikon photography expert. We can cover nearly all topics of photography and photographic techniques and can design the One to One session to be entirely personalised to your photography requirements.

July 2024

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We offer online one to one sessions on a range of Nikon products and photography techniques, including:

All Nikon DSLRS’s, Nikon Z series, F mount and Z mount lenses, Speedlights and lighting, technique advice and tips on many types photography, such as Landscapes, Wildlife, Portraits and Lighting, Astro Photography and Street photography. We can also host constructive image critiques and we can even cover some Nikon Film cameras

Nikon School Online One to One sessions will take place via Zoom video call, so please ensure your laptop (preferred) or your phone is capable of supporting this application. For more information please contact us on [email protected] to discuss your requirements. We are always happy to talk about photography.

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