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17 April, 2024 ( 14:00 - 17:00 UK time) - Invitation via Zoom

Mastering Z 9 Pt. 2


This follow on Pt. 2 course will help you dive deep in to the hundreds of features and controls of your Nikon Z 9 . The Nikon Z 9 offers a range of new features for photographers to help produce amazing images. With the help of our Nikon experts during this session you will gain an understanding of the best settings to achieve great results in any scenario.

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Mastering Z 9 Pt. 2 - Invitation via Zoom
17 April, 2024
( 14:00 - 17:00 UK time)

Course Contents

This online course will help you explore the Nikon Z 9 even further. You will leave the session with an increased understanding and confidence when using your camera, allowing you to take control of your picture taking and help you turn interesting photo opportunities into outstanding images.

Topics covered will include:

Camera button customization
Autofocus customization
Viewfinder & Display customization
Time Lapse & Interval timer shooting
Deep Menu options
Tips and tricks
Video Options

These sessions will take place via Zoom video call, so please ensure your laptop (preferred) or your phone is capable of supporting this application.

Latest course reviews...

Excellent Introduction to the Z9 part 2

The perfect follow up course to the part 1 of mastering the Z9. Covered other techniques, like auto-capture and time lapse photography along with custom controls.

Leonard E.


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