18 August, 2021 ( 14:00 - 17:00 ) - Invitation via Zoom

Mastering: Landscape Depth Of Field


Do you want to achieve razor sharp images with infinite depth of field from a single image? If so, join us and we will teach you how to achieve to this and why for the most part, focus stacking for landscapes is not needed. Understand how to setup your camera to shoot high quality images and why your lens choice, focal length and aperture have a huge effect on your final image. Learn about circles of confusion and diffraction and how these may be preventing you from getting the sharpness and depth of field you want in your images. We will show you how to choose the correct combination of focal length and aperture for the landscape in front of you as well as how to focus accurately for front to back sharpness in your images.

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£30.00 per attendee
Mastering: Landscape Depth Of Field - Invitation via Zoom
18 August, 2021
( 14:00 - 17:00 )

Course Contents

If you want to advance your understanding of landscape photography skills, this course is for you. It is a great opportunity to learn how to get the best from your camera/lens and achieve stunningly sharp images from a single frame.

In the workshop we will cover:

Camera Settings to achieve high quality Landscape images
Lens Choice
Optimum Focal Length for a lens
MTF Curves
Circle of Confusion
Avoiding diffraction
Understanding advanced Depth of Field
Choosing the best Aperture setting
Hyperfocal focusing
Focusing accurately for Landscapes
Achieving front to back sharpness in a single image
Editing images to maximise dynamic range, sharpness and colour

These sessions will take place via Zoom video call, so please ensure your laptop (preferred) or your phone is capable of supporting this application.

If you have not received the e-mail with the joining information 1 week before the course please e-mail [email protected] immediately and we will send the link out to you. Do not e-mail us on the day of the course as there is no guarantee we will see the e-mail in time to send out the details

Latest course reviews...

A must if you’re interested in Landscape

Best Nikon school course I’ve done so far. Learnt so much more about depth of field than ever before also so much more about what my lens is capable of. Couldn’t recommend this course more. I could have happily spent 10 weeks on this course. The images shown by Neil and Ricci are outstanding and I can only dream of reaching anything like this standard ! Would have paid the money just to see some of these amazing shots

Shona F.


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£30.00 per attendee
Mastering: Landscape Depth Of Field - Invitation via Zoom
18 August, 2021 - ( 14:00 - 17:00 )
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Mastering: Landscape Depth Of Field - Invitation via Zoom
18 August, 2021
per attendee