09 March, 2021 ( 11:00 - 13:00 ) - Invitation via Zoom

Nikon School Live: Macro Oil and Water


Join us for a live photography workshop as we take you through the planning, set up and a real time macro photo shoot in the comfort of your own home. We will also conclude the workshop with a look at how to finish and edit the images you have just shot.

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Nikon School Live: Macro Oil and Water - Invitation via Zoom
09 March, 2021
( 11:00 - 13:00 )

Course Contents

This course is designed for you to follow along in real time, as we will be covering every aspect of the setup, including cameras settings, composition and techniques to enable you to get the best images possible. If you would like to take part, you will need:

DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

Lens that allows close focusing – A Macro lens is perfect

Clear glass container – We find a casserole dish works well


Washing up liquid

Olive Oil

A colored piece of card / wallpaper or an tablet or phone that is reasonably sized vs. your glass container

Tripods are optional, you can shoot this handheld if you wanted to

If you don’t want to follow along with the live shoot that’s ok too, you can make notes and try later in your own time.

If the course is shown as full and you are interested in attending please contact us on [email protected]

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Review Macro oil and water

Great course, despite corona, done via zoom. Tutor was really good and made it a really fun course, we had prepared a dish and oil and water and backdrops and were taking pictures throughout the session. Neil the photographer was shooting tethered so that we could see what he was doing and also talked us through some of his post processing in Capture one and lightroom. Fun morning spent messing around with water and oil and washing up liquid. Just what was needed after a long time homeschooling!

Claudia G.


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