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Capturing candid moments with Malin Mörner

Candid photography is something most of us have tried. What makes it different to other styles of photography is how you apply a conscious effort to capture a fleeting moment and express specific feelings associated with that moment.

Malin Mörner is a Swedish lifestyle photographer who lives for candid moments – expressing herself and keeping moments alive through photography. We approached her to ask about her passion for candid photography. Here, she shares her insight and tips into capturing candid moments with loved ones.

"The best adventure is the one that unfolds in front of you, with the people you love the most. I love to shoot with the Nikon Z Series, as it’s so lightweight and fast. Also the weather sealing allows me to just immerse myself in the elements and capture life in its most natural state.

Light and candid photography

When it comes to light, I prefer to shoot with natural light. When I’m shooting friends and family in the outdoors, I want them to move freely and the light to expose in its most natural form. This leaves a beautiful result that cannot be replicated with studio or flash light. My style of photography is natural and therefore the light has to be too.

I like to shoot just before the sun goes down, when the light is soft and warm. I also love the challenge of working with whatever light nature has given me on a specific day.

Favourite lens for candid photography

When it comes to lenses, the Z 50mm 1.8 is my favourite for candid photography. It’s such a diverse lens that takes beautiful bokeh shots and allows you to stay at a distance from your subject. Ultimately, the goal of candid to photography is to capture subjects unknowingly and in their most natural state.

Capturing beauty through candid photography

What you perceive as beauty may differ to another photographer. For me, when it comes to capturing candid moments, I try to find shots that express love, happiness and honest connections with people that are close to me. If you’re around people that feel comfortable with you, you’re almost certain to capture them in their most natural and candid state. I try to capture raw and authentic moments that will give you results you and your loved ones will truly cherish forever.”

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