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16 March, 2019 ( 15:30 - 16:30 UK time) - Birmingham

Photography Show Portrait Photo Shoot


Nikon School will be hosting Portrait Photo Shoots at the Photography Show. Join us to learn how shoot Lifestyle and Urban portraits regardless of the light available in the scene or location. This is a ‘hands-on’ practical workshop where you will be working with reflectors, light diffusers, ambient light and off camera speedlights showing you how you can shoot great portraits inside or outside. This will enable you to create and capture striking portraits using a range of simple and easy to use lighting tricks.

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Photography Show Portrait Photo Shoot - Birmingham
16 March, 2019
( 15:30 - 16:30 UK time)

Course Contents

This is a practical ‘hands-on’ workshop suitable for photographers with an understanding of ISO, aperture, shutter speed. Depending on the weather we will either be outside and shooting with a mix of ambient and off camera flash or if the weather is against us, we will explore the NEC looking for inside locations where we can create great images with off camera flash and a variety of different lighting setups and modifiers.


Meeting point: Photography Show Birmingham, Nikon Stand, Long Lens Area

To take part in this workshop you will need a ticket to allow you to get into the Photography Show at the NEC. Photography show tickets can be purchased here: https://www.photographyshow.com/welcome/get-ticket...

Please be prompt and arrive at the Long Lens Area on the Nikon Stand in good time. The Photo Shoots will depart on schedule and as we are looking for best locations for the light at that hour, we have no fixed locations you can meet us at if you are late

You will need to bring you own camera, lenses and memory cards etc... Unfortunately all of our loan stock will be on The Photography Show stand, so we will not be able to loan out kit like we normally do on workshops. Nikon School will provide speedlights and lighting diffusers where needed.

You will need a Nikon DSLR or Z series camera to take part in the Photo Shoot

We will working with a maximum group size of 10 delegates. We will pass around flash camera triggers so everyone will get chance to shoot images of the portrait setups

Latest course reviews...

Fantastic Portrait Photo Shoot

I had a fabulous photo shoot at the Photography Show - it exceeded my expectations, was professionally run with a great tutor (Neil) who was energetic, open to the participants' ideas and full of knowledge that he shared. Emily the model was equally professional, patient and understood how to help me to get the shots had in mind.

Philippa H.


Course Requirements


  • Nikon DSLR/Mirrorless
  • Lens(es)
  • Memory card


Knowledge of:

  • Understanding of Shutter Speed, Aperture + ISO

Activity / fitness
level involved

Low level activity


Course Location

North Ave, Marston Green,
Birmingham ,
B40 1NT,


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