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A quick guide on how to use the Nikon SnapBridge app

For a whole new world of instant syncing while you shoot and truly simple sharing, keep your Nikon camera connected to up to five smart devices with SnapBridge. SnapBridge gives you constant, automatic contact between your camera and phone or tablet. It also enables you to remotely control key camera functions and it even keeps your camera up-to-date by automatically telling you when firmware updates become available.

Snapbridge-compatible cameras

• D500
• D5600
• D3400*
• KeyMission 80

There's also SnapBridge 360/170 exclusively created for the KeyMission 360 and 170.

​How to set up SnapBridge

Download and install the SnapBridge app on your smart device, then open it and complete these three simple steps:

1. When the SnapBridge start-up screen appears on your camera, press OK (for NFC enabled devices, simply touch the smart device to your camera), and an authorisation code will now appear on the camera and smart device.
2. One your smart device, confirm the code by pressing 'pair'.
3. On your camera, confirm the code by pressing the 'OK' button. And that's it – your camera and smart device are now connected.

Once established, the connection between your Nikon camera and smart device stays alive as long as the camera battery is installed and the devices are in close proximity. Shots will even sync while your camera is in sleep mode, or when your smart device is stowed away in a bag or pocket. There is no disruption to your smart device while it's synced, either, as SnapBridge maintains the constant connection with your camera via Bluetooth low energy (BLE), which ensures ultra-low battery impact on both your smart device and the camera. SnapBridge switches to standard Bluetooth or Wi-Fi only when transferring images.

Syncing options

Images synced while shooting are re-sized so they're easy to review and quick to upload to social media. If you don't want to automatically sync every photo, you can manually sync specific photographs, transfer images at larger resolutions, and sync movies, too.

Keep tabs – and tags – on your images

When you travel abroad, SnapBridge automatically updates your camera with the time and date the moment your linked phone or tablet updates, which means all your shots will be in the correct date order no matter how many time zones you cross. SnapBridge also makes it simple to geotag images, while additional information can also be displayed in the images you sync, including EXIF shooting data, credits and comments. You can also use your smart device to add captions to your photos to speed up the process of sharing pictures online.

Remote control

With SnapBridge installed, your smart device can display a live view of everything your Nikon camera sees, so you can compose shots on its screen and use it to remotely fire the shutter. With some cameras, you can also use your smart device to operate the touch AF, zoom and self-timer functions – taking selfies and group shots has never been easier!

Automatic upload to Nikon Image Space

When you've paired your camera and smart device, remember to register for a Nikon ID to access Nikon Image Space for free automatic uploads of unlimited thumbnail pictures, plus 20GB of free automatic storage for full-size pictures and videos. This means you don't have to overload your smart device with all the images you shoot. Use the Nikon Image Space mobile app to access your uploaded images anywhere and organise them into albums and themed galleries, by capture date, upload date or the Nikon camera they were taken on, for easy sharing.

*Because the D3400 doesn't support wi-fi you can't use the remote photography from your smart device, transfer still images at their original size, or transfer movies.